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Cord Organizer for Kitchen ...

Quickly tidy up all the appliance cords anytime after use with this self-adhesive cord winder organizer!

This cord winder is specially designed to adhere exactly where you need and neatly tucks in your appliance wire safe. Featuring a butterfly wing shape where you can easily wrap the cord and a middle groove that locks and holds the end to prevent unwinding. Saving you from the messy, tangled wiring mess that stays plugged or being haphazardly left everywhere on the floors or counter space. No worries as it is wide enough to tidy up longer, thin, and even bigger wire to meet all your various wiring storage needs. Suitable for flat and slightly curved surfaces of appliances like coffee maker, toaster, blender, oven, air fryer, rice cooker, phone chargers, air blower, and so on.  

The cord wrapper adopts a non-trace, powerful adhesion that can securely stick on walls, appliances, and different surface types. It can also withstand exposure to electrical heat and moisture without deforming, melting, or loosening adhesiveness. What’s more? This cord organizer can be confidently used anytime without damaging your wire or causing any electric hazard. Simply wipe-clean the area you're mounting on, remove the adhesive film, gently stick the winder, twist the cord around the butterfly-like wings, fix it, and done. Made with premium materials that’s durable enough to last long years without wearing-off.     

Don’t let your power wire get loose and drag all over your countertop or floor space and use this self-adhesive cord winder organizer! 


  • Excellent Cord Organizer
    A handy power cord winder designed with unique, butterfly-like wings where you can neatly entwine the wire around. It also features a smart middle groove which allows the end of the cord to be locked securely and prevent unwanted slippage or from unwinding. What’s more? This winder tool comes in a slim, compact sizing that can be discreetly attached directly from the appliances itself. Allowing you to easily wind up the wire mess after each use to keep them from staying plugged in or haphazardly left everywhere on the floors or counter space. Providing you an organized, tangled-free, and spotlessly clear functional living area anytime.

  • Ultra-Strong Adhesion
    Supports an impressive 3M adhesion that can securely stick onto most surfaces and withstand daily exposure to moisture. It also adopts excellent heat-resistant qualities that can hold up and adhere well to heated surfaces of any appliances when in use. Preventing it from deforming, melting, and loosening adhesiveness to constantly slip or completely fall off. Making it a great cord organizer for kitchen, living room, game room, bedroom, office, vanity space, bathroom, and more possibilities.

  • Wide Application
    Can confidently adhere to walls, appliances, and other surfaces without leaving any sort of damage or sticky residues. Suitable for glass, wood, metal, plastic, leather, tile, bricks, and wallpaper surface types. This cord winder is also wide enough to tackle longer, thin, and even slightly bigger wire to meet your various wiring storage needs. No worries as it is applicable for flat and even to slightly curved surfaces of different appliances. Perfect for tidying up the cords of your coffee maker, oven toaster, blender, microwave oven, air fryer, rice cooker, phone chargers, game consoles, air blower, and so on.   

  • Quick and Easy Installation
    Supplies a peel-and-stick feature to save you from the complicated installation methods. Simply wipe the surface you'll be sticking on clean and dry first, peel-off the protective film on the adhesive, mount the winder, wrap the cord around, and you're good to go. You can also easily unwind the wire anytime so you can plug the appliance when needed.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, food-grade TPR silicone materials which strike an exceptional toughness and durability. It guarantees a long-lasting usage without damaging, deforming, rusting, and weakening adhesiveness. This cord wrapper does not emit any funky odor or toxic chemical to ensure overall safety and health. No worries as it can be also used for everyday fixing and winding without ruining the wires or causing any electrical hazards.  


  • Material: Food-grade TPR silicone materials
  • Size: 10x3x3cm
  • Color: White/Black


  • 2pcs/3pcs/4pcs x Self-Adhesive Appliance Cord Winder Organizer

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Zahida Afzal
Four star

Nice cutey but expensive

Ayma Azhar

Very well manufactured! Good quality, flexible in order to stick it in the back of any appliance.

Excellent product

Excellent product. Very useful for keeping order on cables without compromising accessibility.

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