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Introducing our cutting-edge product: the 100W Telescopic 3-in-1 USB Cable. Crafted with precision from high-quality Aluminium Alloy and TPE materials, this cable not only boasts durability but also delivers exceptional performance.

Designed for convenience, this cable serves as a versatile solution for all your charging needs. The telescopic design extends up to 1.2 meters, providing flexibility without compromising on efficiency.

Equipped with advanced technology, our cable supports 6A/2.4A fast charging, ensuring a rapid power-up for your devices. The dual functionality of charging and data transfer enhances its utility, making it an indispensable accessory for your daily routine.

With versatile interface options, choose between USB C to A Lightning or Type-C to Type-C, adapting seamlessly to various devices. The USB C port supports an impressive 100W of charging power, allowing you to charge compatible devices at maximum speed. For iPhone users, experience efficient charging at 2.4A with a power output of 27W.

Upgrade your charging experience with the 100W Telescopic 3-in-1 USB Cable – where speed, durability, and versatility converge to redefine your connectivity needs.

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Customer Reviews

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Hammad Ahmad

Easy to use and fast charging cable!!

Khawaja Ahmad Saeed

3-in-1 Retractable Charging+Data Transfer Cable

sana sana

How can I tell about the product which I did not get yet

Amer Malik
3-in-1 Retractable Charging + Data Transfer Cable



3-in-1 Retractable Charging+Data Transfer Cable

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