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What should you do if the electronic screen is dirty?


Use Portable Screen Cleaner Spray, there is no longer the trouble of wiping dirty screens and using multiple cleaning tools. Portable Screen Cleaner Spray is not only a cleaning agent but also a rag, which keeps the screen clean at any time!




Applicable Equipment:

  ✅ Mobile phone, Computer, TV, Camera




Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ameet Kumar
Paid more than available in market

Product is good but with other vendors same product was available with less price and your company sold with higher margin.

Sohaib Umer
Cool product

Just received the product today and it's quite good I must say. Works with my laptop table and phone perfectly. Thank you!

Nice product

The spray works very well. Very high quality thing, nice to hold in hands. Easy to use.

Hassan Khan
Really helpful

Arrived in 3 days and the quality is good. I keep it with myself everywhere and it does keep my phone screen clean everywhere.

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