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Our cord organizers are super useful for organizing your messy cables. It will prevent your phone charging cables, USB cables, network cables, TV power cords from excessive bending tangling and fraying, keeping your room tidy and neat.

Easy To Install

Adhesive Tape

Our phone cord organizer comes with a strong 3M adhesive tape that can adhere to any smooth and clean surfaces at home or office, such as glass, plastic, metal or wood tables, desks and walls. Easy to install no need to hammer holes or attach screws.

Cable Organizer Clips

Our cable organizers are made of high-quality eco-friendly and flexible silicone material that bends easily and it's very easy to insert the cables smoothly.


Suitable for Daily Use

Our cable organizers are suitable for the wire diameter within 0.26 inches (6mm). You can not only use it as a wires clip, but also as a pen holder, a toothbrush, or a floss holder. Perfect size to meet your daily use requirements.



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Hassan Khan

Delivered exactly what's shown on the website. Recommended from my side. 👍🏻

Shahid Jameel

Nice Quality

Muhammad Tayyib Tahir

Silicone USB Cable Organizer

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